WYH Walks 26th Annual Treatment Works March

On a beautiful Fall day, the staff at Whitney Young Health joined together in the 26th Annual Treatment Works March in the south end of Albany. It was a wonderful day to celebrate with hundreds of people in recovery as well as treatment providers from around the Capital District.

As one of the original organizers for this march, WYH continues to enjoy participating and promoting this event as it holds a special place in our heart. Our new Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Treatment Center focuses on treating those who deal with substance abuse while integrating primary care so they receive total healthcare based on their needs.  It was also a great opportunity for our staff and clients to march together in solidarity.

staff banner Tx Works 09152016.jpg

A special thank you goes out to Deb Rhoades at the Albany County Department of Health for endlessly inspiring us to believe and know that “treatment works”.