Telehealth may allow you to get a wide range of services without having to leave your home. You can visit with your healthcare provider from your home. This lowers your risk of catching an illness.

What are the advantages of Telehealth?

  • You can talk to your healthcare provider by phone or video.
  • There is no travel time or cost for travel.
  • Your healthcare provider can work with others if needed to plan your health care.
  • There will not be as many disruptions.
  • There will be lower wait times.
  • You can make an appointment that fits your schedule. This saves you time and hassle.

What equipment do I need for a Telehealth appointment ?

  • Access to a good internet connection
  • A device with a camera, microphone and speakers (e.g. Windows or Mac computer or an Apple iPad/iPhone or Android smart phone or tablet device)

Go to a private, well-lit area. Sit where you will not be disturbed during your visit with the provider.

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