News from Our Albany Health Centers

Annual Fundraiser Goes Virtual

Whitney Young Health’s annual fundraiser, The Legacy Event, is going virtual on Wednesday, October 14 at 6pm. This event recognizes and honors community leaders who are making a difference in the Capital Region, and benefits the individuals and families in need who rely on Whitney Young Health for affordable medical, dental and behavioral health care. Join…
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Black Lives Matter

Whitney Young Health (WYH) has been rooted in the community since 1971 and is proudly named after Whitney Moore Young, Jr., a civil rights leader who worked to break down barriers of inequality for black Americans. WYH was established as part of the community health center movement (CHC), a key pillar in President Lyndon Johnson’s…
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All About Face Masks

Wearing face masks when we leave our homes to go to a public place has become an important part of our everyday lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some tips about different kinds of masks, how to wear them, clean them and dispose of them. There are also directions on how to make…
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