Whitney Young Wins CDPHP Award

Congratulations to WYH’s Nurse Midwife, Carrie Gordon-Stacey, CNM, and the rest of the WYH team for being awarded the Certificate of Appreciation from CDPHP’s Mom2Be program!

According the CDPHP website, the Mom2Be program provides the support you need during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. By joining, you’ll receive:

  • FREE pregnancy calendar to help you document every stage of your pregnancy from conception through the baby’s first years of life
  • Information that is tailored to your unique needs
  • Access to free wellness classes, including prenatal nutrition and fitness
  • Access to a personal health coach through our Health Coach ConnectionSM program
  • Case management services for high-risk pregnancies
  • Behavioral health services and resources
  • Postpartum resources for you and your baby

Whitney Young Health partnership with the Mom2Be program has been a great success in helping pregnant and new mothers. If you’re interested in signing it, there are two ways:

  • Complete the Mom 2 Be form and mail it to the address listed.

  • Call (518) 641-4800 and press 1 to get started by phone.