Patient Story: Wayne’s Update

Remember Wayne? The former Troy Health Center patient we wrote a story on, covering his 181lbs weight loss journey earlier this year? If you don’t, catch up and read his incredible story before you go any further.

When Wayne started working with Molly, Whitney Young Health’s Registered Dietitian, he weighed over 500 lbs and had a slew of health issues such as, Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea and hypertension. With Molly’s help, they set up and created a meal plan that focused on healthier, whole foods and portion control. Fast forward to almost two years later, he has lost almost 300lbs.

We recently caught up with Wayne, who moved down South almost 8 months ago, and he excitedly shared his progress to Molly, as he had lost an additional 100lbs since we last saw him! As of recent, he has also incorporated exercise into his routine, walking on average 5 to 10 miles a day!

Wayne has also shared his story not only with us, but within the online community as well. After sharing his weight loss journey on Reddit, it went viral! Last week, Yahoo! Lifestyle interviewed Wayne and further spread his story to the masses. You can read the article on

We are so proud of Wayne’s amazing progress and we wish him the best as he continues to work on his healthy lifestyle.

Everyone’s story is different; however, working towards a healthier lifestyle that will improve your health is achievable. At Whitney Young Health we not only have Molly to help regain control of your diet and nutrition, but we also have a group of dedicated staff that will make sure you are on track in body, mind and soul

If you want to make the next step, call us and make an appointment at (518) 465-4771.