New York State Launches First eWIC with Whitney Young Health WIC

Whitney Young Health WIC is proud to announce that we are the first WIC Program in New York State to launch eWIC, an EBT-like card that allows WIC recipients an easier experience when shopping for groceries for their families.

Created by the New York State Department of Health, this new technology also alleviates the stigma that some face when using their WIC checks when shopping. Weslene Newcomb, a mother of six who is a part of Whitney Young Health’s WIC Program was the first person to use the new eWIC card in the state at a Market 32 in Albany. “I always find myself shopping at 11, 12 at night, just because I don’t want to keep up the lines at Price Chopper, ’cause everyone looks at you. ‘Oh my god, she has WIC,’ ” Newcomb said.

Currently, those who are a part of WIC programs and clinics in Albany, Rensselaer and Schenectady countries can now use eWIC. The DOH also launched a new mobile app called WIC2Go, which lets you you scan a barcode on an item to see if it is WIC compliant.

If you live in Albany County and want to see if you qualify to receive WIC benefits, call our office at (518) 465-9387 and schedule an appointment with us today.