How Whitney Young Health is Giving Kids a Reason to Smile

The month of February puts a lot of focus on proper dental habits, especially for children. It also highlights the less fortunate children who do not have access to vital dental care due to financial reasons.


Today, February 3rd, celebrates the Give Kids A Smile program, a coordinated effort among dentists across the U.S. who take time from their practice to help under-served children get access to dental services at no cost. Last year Give Kids A Smile Day provided care to more than 300,000 children nationwide.

Whitney Young Health is a proud participant of this nationwide effort as we specialize in providing dental care to all ages, especially children, without regard to the patient’s income. We also collaborate with Healthy Capital District Initiative with the Seal a Smile program. Seal a Smile provides preventative dental care to elementary school aged children in 45 Capital Region schools. Seal a Smile provides school based preventive dental services such as screenings, cleanings, fluoride and sealants with services provided by us throughout the schools year-round

Since Whitney Young Health and Healthy Capital District Initiative practice the Give Kids a Smile Day mission on a daily basis, Time Warner Cable News met with Rebecca Hoffay, a Dental Hygienist and the Clinical Director of HCDINY, to discuss the importance of children receiving continuous dental care to prevent tooth decay. Check out the video here


This day holds even more importance to our organization this year due to our newest endeavor, Campaign for Smiles.

Campaign for Smiles is Whitney Young Health’s capital campaign to expand our dental clinic and programs so we can serve more patients and make sure people are staying on track with their dental care. The money raised will go to the following:

New Dental Clinic

  • Relocation of Dental Clinic to 900 Lark Drive, Albany, NY
  • Includes complete retrofit of space
  • New equipment 

The Tooth Fairy Fund

  • Early intervention, prevention and treatment 
  • School-based dental programs 
  • Increase in access to dental care, regardless of income
  • Expansion of services

 So far WYH has raised over $1.3 million out of the $2.5 million we need to pull off this renovation and expansion. Whitney Young Health wants to give kids (and adults) a reason to smile and you can help us! Your contribution can help local children receive the continuous dental care they need to be healthy. If you’re interested in giving a donation follow the simple steps here