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The goal of Whitney Young Health's School-Based Health Center program is to promote overall health of children so that they are able to fully benefit from their education. School-based health centers provide primary and preventative medical services to students enrolled in the program. Depending on the school, we may offer mental health services as well. At every school-based health center we provide referral services and basic care management to best meet the needs of your family. Educational sessions are offered to address topics ranging from proper nutrition and dental hygiene to asthma self-management.

There is no out-of-pocket cost for school-based health services provided to children enrolled in the program. If you or your child does not have health insurance, we will connect you to a facilitated enroller who can determine what low-cost or no-cost health insurance you qualify for. We do request your child's insurance information at the time of enrollment so that we can bill insurance; however, you will never receive a bill for services provided within the school-based health center. Services that are provided outside of the school-based health center will be billed by the provider accordingly.

Currently we have three school-based health centers located within the Albany City School District at Giffen Memorial Elementary School, Sheridan Preparatory Academy, and Philip J. Schuyler Achievement Academy. If you have any questions about eligibility or the services provided, please contact your school-based health center at the number listed below. If you are interested in enrolling your child into a school-based health center, please complete and return the enrollment packet to your respective school.

Our qualified school-based health center staff looks forward to serving your child! Visit here for the hours and locations of our other health centers.

School-Based Health Center Locations:

Giffen Memorial Elementary School

Address: 274 S. Pearl Street, Albany

Phone Number: 518-478-6659

Philip J. Schuyler Achievement Academy

Address: 676 Clinton Avenue, Albany

Phone Number: 518-475-6708

Sheridan Preparatory Academy

Address: 400 Sheridan Avenue, Albany

Phone Number: 518-475-6872 


Below is the form a parent/guardian must fill out for their child(ren) to receive care at any of our school-based health centers. Please submit the completed form to the school your child(ren) will be attending. 

School-Based Health Center Enrollment Packet

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I enroll my child in the school-based health center program?
Children enrolled at Giffen Memorial Elementary School, Sheridan Preparatory Academy, and Philip J. Schuyler Achievement Academy are eligible to enroll in the program. Enrollment forms can be picked up in the Health Office at each of the schools or found on our website here.

Is there a cost for my child to utilize the services offered at school-based health center?
There is no cost to parents (and no insurance copays) for students receiving care at any of the school-based health centers. However, if the student has insurance, that information must be provided at enrollment to ensure that the insurance company is billed and not the parent/guardian for services. If the child does not have insurance, we will connect you with one our facilitated health insurance enrollers who will determine what no-cost or low cost health insurance your child qualifies for.

Also, services provided outside of the school-based health center such as lab work, x-rays, etc. may incur a fee that will be directly billed by the provider.

Does my child need to be an established patient at Whitney M. Young, Jr. Health Services to access care at any of the school-based health centers?
No, students do not have to be a patient of Whitney Young Health to access care at a school-based health center. If the student has an established primary care provider, school-based health center staff will share information with the provider. If the student does not have a primary care provider, Whitney Young Health can become his/her primary care provider if you choose.

What are the benefits of a school-based health center?
Whitney Young Health's School-Based Health Centers decrease the amount of time spent out of the classroom due to health related issues through convenient on-site access to primary and preventative care. A reduction in time spent out of the classroom will allow students to further benefit from their learning inside the classroom.

What happens if my child is ill and the school is closed?
School-based health centers operate on the Albany City School District's schedule. Services will not be provided during school vacations or days off. If the school is closed and your child needs emergency treatment, call 911. If not a medical emergency, call your health care provider (doctor, nurse practitioner, physician's assistant) or Whitney Young Health's main number at 518-465-4771.

Will school based health center staff replace school nurses?
No, the school nurse will continue to provide all students with the same services they had in the past regardless of their enrollment in the school-based health program.


Whitney Young Health's School-Based Health Centers offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive physical exams, including those for school sports and working papers.
  • Health education counseling and nutritional education
  • Age appropriate immunizations.
  • Lab tests and screenings when necessary, to detect illness or infection (i.e., strep throat).
  • Social work/mental health counseling and referral.
  • Referrals to outside agencies for services not provided at the school-based health center.