Open Access Scheduling – WYH Patients Can Schedule Same-Day or Next-Day Appointments

Whitney Young Health is excited to announce that starting on Monday, January 3, 2022, we will be offering OPEN ACCESS SCHEDULING which will allow patients to easily schedule primary medical care appointments on the same or next day!

Read more about Open Access Scheduling in this blog post, and call 518-465-4771 to schedule your appointment!

What is Open Access Scheduling?

Open Access is a method of scheduling that offers patients the ability to receive an appointment with their primary care provider or primary care team within one to three (1-3) days from the day they call, instead of making appointments weeks or months in advance. Please call 518-465-4771 to schedule an appointment.

Why is Whitney Young Health changing its scheduling model?

Whitney Young Health wants to increase patient access to primary care appointments. Open Access appointment scheduling will allow patients to make appointments when they need them.

Can I be seen on the same day?

Yes! Open Access appointment scheduling aims to have same-day or next-day appointments available for patients when they need/want to be seen.

Will I be able to see my primary care provider (PCP)?

In most instances, yes, patients will see their PCP or provider team.

What happens if I need an appointment more than three (3) days in advance?

Whitney Young Health wants to help patients get the care they need. Patients who need future appointments will be placed on a reminder list and will be contacted when it is time to schedule their appointment. In some instances, it will be possible to schedule your appointment in advance. Speak to an associate about your needs.

Is this change happening at all Whitney Young Health practices?

Open Access appointment scheduling will initially be implemented ONLY at the Albany, Troy and Watervliet Health Centers. Scheduling for Behavioral Health, Community Prevention & Treatment Services, Opioid Treatment Program, Whitney on Wheels, School-Based Health Centers, and Dental will remain the same.

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